Chicken-Broccoli Bake

Serves 4     This recipe has been around for ages.  A long ago friend gave it to me and it’s been one of my go-to dishes ever since. It’s easy and tasty. It uses canned soup – something I rarely do, but that is one of the reasons it is such a quick fix. You partially cook the broccoli so it is still firm when it goes into the oven. I usually just microwave it for 20-30 seconds…it doesn’t take long.  Like many casseroles, this is also very good the next day.



1 large head broccoli – broken into florets and partially cooked

(or use frozen, defrosted and drained  broccoli as is)

1-2 cups cooked chicken – chopped (I like Trader Joe’s “Just Chicken”)

1/2 onion – chopped

1 glove garlic – minced

1 can Cream of Mushroom Soup

1/2 cup mayonnaise

1/2 cup sour cream

1/2 tsp Dijon mustard

1/2 tsp Italian herbs

dash cayenne (optional)

1-2 cups grated sharp cheddar cheese – divided



Heat oven to 350º   Butter a medium sized casserole dish.

In a large bowl place the cooked broccoli, cooked chicken, onion, and garlic and gently mix together.

In a separate bowl mix the soup, mayonnaise, sour cream, Dijon mustard, herbs and cayenne (if using) together until well blended. If it seems too thick, stir in a few drops of water or milk. Pour over the broccoli/chicken mixture and stir to coat them well. Add about half of the shredded cheese you plan to use and gently mix it in. Correct the seasoning as needed (it may need a pinch of salt, depending on the brand of soup you use).

Pour mixture into the pepared casserole dish and top with the rest of the cheese.  Bake at 350º for 35-40 minutes or until the mixture is bubbly and the dish has been heated throughout.

Serve and enjoy.