About Me

Welcome to Nana V’s Kitchen.
I really started cooking when I got married. I was a California girl, living in the midwest,  far away from friends/family. It was learn to cook or eat sandwiches for the rest of my life. I requested recipes from everyone I met, poured over magazines and started out with a dictionary in one hand and spatula in the other.
I found “The Joy of Cooking” at the library, saved up to buy my own copy and started reading. Spending time in the kitchen became both fun and challenging and over the years I’ve managed to compile a collection of recipes from a variety of sources (including a number of cookbooks).
This food blog is one way to share this collection of recipes, tips and resources with others who enjoy cooking fresh, tasty dishes.

Note #1: All of the recipes have been recently prepared and photographed by me.

Note #2: I do assume you know to always wash veggies and chicken first, peel garlic cloves, use meat handling hygiene  and understand basic cooking terms. These things are not always included  in the cooking instructions.


Contact me at  vicki@nanavskitchen.com

I hope you find Nana V’s Kitchen an inspiring place to visit…